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From the husk that cradles each bean, to the cup that cradles your coffee, the Loop collection invites you to be part of a harmonious cycle.

Crafted from up to 30% of coffee bean husks, this collection is a reminder that every part of nature is precious.

Bringing you closer to the roots of your coffee.

Going round and round, from husk to cup, to your kitchen and beyond.

Capacity: 180 ml

Dimensions: height 77mm, Ø 75,89 mm

Dishwasher resistant


Saxon Wright is co-founder and CEO of Huskee, a sustainably driven product and design studio based in Sydney, Australia. Saxon has worked in the coffee industry for over 20 years including as a World Barista Championship sensory judge. His focus is on design to solve environmental challenges and Huskee is developing products and systems that both re-use and reduce waste enabling circularity within the coffee industry. He is passionate about aligning his love for coffee with every day items that elevate the coffee experience.
Huskee won the Australian Good Design Award in 2019 and is also a certified B Corporation demonstrating their commitment to the highest environmental and social standards.

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