Taste the Australian Summere

Taste the Australian Summer

Inspired by Australia’s easy-going attitude and vibrant iced-coffee culture, enjoy two cool new recipes ideal for moments of chill.

    1. Long Black Over Ice
      Fruity Flowery

      The Long Black Over Ice blend has a stronger acidic note and fruit aromas that create that refreshing taste. It helps the coffee stand alone as a black coffee without milk. Those characteristics also complement the sparkling water, and tropical flavor of coconut syrup you may add. 

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      Each sleeve contains 10 coffee capsules

Served with the Australian State of Mind

Taking their cue from the laid-back Australian mindset, these delicious recipes are refreshingly simple. Chill with a Long Black Over Ice or relax with a Flat White Over Ice.

Flat White over Ice

Sweet Harmony

Roasted notes and rich aromas strike the perfect balance with the sweetness of milk.
Like a gentle breeze on a hot summer’s day, the Flat White Over Ice keeps things fresh.

The recipe

Sweet and Smooth in equal measure

  • 1

    Fill your NESPRESSO glass with ice cubes

  • 2

    Pour over 120ml of fresh milk

  • 3

    Add 25ml of coffee


Long black over Ice

A Vibrant Blend

The sharp notes and fruity aromas combine for a refreshing blend. As a lighter roast, it stands alone without milk. For a cool Australian twist, pour over sparkling water with ice.

The recipe

A Surprising Iced Coffee

  • 1

    Pour ice into your NESPRESSO glass

  • 2

    Add 120ml of crisp sparkling water

  • 3

    Add 25ml of coffee

The taste of Australia and Beyond
Coffee Assortments

The Taste of Australia and Beyond

As well as refreshing recipes inspired by Australia, enjoy more coffee moments with an assortment pack.

Monin Syrup

the sweeter side of life

Try the Long Black Over Ice with a hint of coconut syrup. Add caramel syrup to the Flat White Over Ice for extra indulgence. With a classic vanilla syrup also included in the MONIN syrup kit, what other combinations will you discover?

Cool Summer Accessories

Relax and Let us come to you

Relax and let us come to you

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