Light roasting classic coffees keeps their distinguished aromatics alive. Cosi meets your palate with a smile. It’s a blend of worldrenowned
washed Arabicas - from East Africa and Central America. Kenya brings the jammy ripe, red fruit notes to Costa Rica’s
rich, sweet cereal base. The light roast and coarse grind keeps this espresso mild and rounded without losing any of its soul. Cosi
with milk takes on an indulgent silky texture and sweet biscuit notes.

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Each sleeve contains 10 coffee capsules

The Nespresso Cosi capsule was designed to be your classic coffee.
It’s made up of pure Arabicas that simply sing together in the blend.
The heart of Cosi is a high-grown Arabica coffee from Costa Rica’s mountains.
Coffees from here have a trusty sweet cereal note. A splash of Kenya adds soul with that intensely aromatic rich, red fruit flavor it’s famous for.

Our coffee roasters give a light roast and a coarse grind for these Latin American and East African coffees, ensuring that all that
heart and soul shines through in this espresso coffee capsule.
Aromatic Profile
In the cup you’ll taste that delicate and balanced pairing of fruity flavors on lightly toasted cereal notes.
Cosi’s low in bitterness, roastiness and body - it’s all about the classic aromatics and harmonious balance.
Mild cereal and lightly toasted notes enhanced by subtle fruity notes