Explorations 2018

Explorations 2018

Our experts continuously travel the world to select the most exceptional coffees of the year.

Nespresso introduces EXPLORATIONS, the "Picks of 2018", chosen by our experts because of their rarity, scarcity, and extra-ordinary incup profiles.

Explorations 2018 is a premium box* containing:

-1 sleeve of each of the 4 selected Origins

-2 Reveal Glasses

-A Coffee Table Book containing the coffee stories and tasting recommendations

*Limited stocks.Explorations 2018 Coffee sleeves cannot be purchased separately


G A L A P A G O S  S A N T A  C R U Z:

Our experts bring you an Espresso with roasted, and sweet cereal and biscuit notes. Round, with some cocoa-like bitterness and full body.

Origin: 100% Galapagos Santa Cruz Island, 100% Arabica

Aromatic Profile: Sweet Cereal

Cup size: Espresso

R E P Ú B L I C A  D O M I N I C A N A  V A L L E  D E L  C I B A O

Striking in this medium-roasted Espresso, is its refreshing green notes of fruits and nuts. A touch of acidity and a light body, make this a great coffee to discover.

Origin: 100% Valle del Cibao in Dominican Republic, 100% Arabica

Aromatic Profile: Sweet Fruity

Cup size: Espresso

I N D I A  M Y L E M O N E Y

A complex coffee with dry cereal and toasted notes, reminiscent of bread crust.

Origin: 100% Estate coffee from Mylemoney farm in India, 100% Arabica

Aromatic Profile: Dry Cereal and Toasted

Cup size: Espresso

N I C A R A G U A  L A S  M A R I A S

This single Estate coffee gem is black honey processed.This enhances the coffee's ultimate sweetness, revealing fruity notes with a fine acidity, that leads to a comforting, balanced and round cup of coffee.

Origin: 100% Estate Coffee from Las Marias farm in Nicaragua, 100% Arabica

Aromatic Profile: Sweet Cereal and Fruity

Cup size: Espresso

10 capsules per sleeve