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Enjoy a refreshing iced coffee with the delicate fruity and cereal notes of Barista Creations ICE LEGGERO. Poured over ice, the Ethiopian coffee’s elegant flavors refresh you like the gentlest of summer breezes. Roasted lightly and ground specifically to deliver this delicate, cooling sensation, the light notes dance on your palate.

Cup Size
Gran Lungo
Double Espresso
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Sweet Cereal
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We found what we were looking for in a blend of Ethiopian and Peruvian Arabicas – a coffee that would dance on your palate when served over ice. The Peruvian coffee lends its toasted cereal character to Barista Creations ICE LEGGERO and the Ethiopian beans bring a thirst-quenching, light fruitiness to the cup.

We roast BARISTA CREATIONS ICE LEGGERO in two splits. The first split’s light and short to enhance the floral notes typical of Ethiopian Arabica. The second split is a medium roast to bring balance and roundness to the cup. When then grind the coffees specifically to ensure BARISTA CREATIONS ICE LEGGERO delivers delicate, light notes dancing on your palate when you serve it over ice.
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For mild recipes with milk
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